Getting My Eyebrows Tattooed in Korea! 

I got my eyebrows tattooed and I LOVE it. Now, when I think of tattooed eyebrows I immediately imagine some woman with shaved off brows and a thin black line arched in it’s place. Rest assured, I did not do that. I had naturally sparse eyebrows that were patchy and not very noticeable and I spent 15 minutes each day trying to fill them in. So when I came across a picture of someone who had gotten their eyebrows microbladed, I instantly wanted mine done- and what better place to get cosmetic work done than in South Korea?

I went to Clinic Gyul in Gangam, South Korea and got what is called a 3D eyebrow. Clinic Gyul offered 3 different types of tattooing: Natural, Makeup, and 3D.

  • Natural brows, they use a microblading needle to draw in hair strokes to make the brows look fuller and the result is very natural.
  • Makeup brows, they use a tattoo gun and shade the brow to look similar to how filled in brows look.
  • 3D brows, they use a combination of both methods (tattoo gun and microblade) to shade and add hair strokes.


The Process

I arrived at the clinic and after checking in, one of the women took me into a private room for consultation. We discussed which type of eyebrow style I should get; natural, makeup, or 3D, and also what shape I wanted. I showed her pictures of how I usually did my makeup and what my brows looked like and we decided that the 3D eyebrow would be best.  After that, she applied numbing cream to my brows. The cream takes 30 minutes to work, so I just waited in the lobby.

After 30 minutes my consultation lady brought me back to one of the procedure rooms. I met my eyebrow artist, she didn’t speak much English, but the other lady explained to her what we had decided on. The first thing she did was draw the outline of the shape I wanted. She did this three times before I decided it was good. After that I laid down and she began tattooing. It took around 30 minutes for the whole process. Half way in between, she stopped to show me what my brows looked like and to make sure I was happy with the way it looked.

Also, in case you were wondering, it didn’t hurt much. It started to burn towards the end as she was going over some parts, but it felt similar to the burning pain you feel when you scratch yourself.


Immediately after my brows were SO dark. But the lady reassured me that they would fade after they healed. She didn’t give me much after care instruction other than to avoid working out for one week, don’t take too hot of showers, avoid saunas, and basically anything that will might cause the ink to not heal evenly. She told me to wait one day before washing my face but said that I could get my eyebrows wet.

The next 10 days my eyebrows scabbed and peeled which is normal but was so UGLY. I had to go to work and all of my students kept asking what was wrong with my eyebrows. By the 5th or 6th day my eyebrows had almost completely healed. I did have some patchy areas on my brows from picking at the scabs which probably pulled at the ink, so don’t do that if you get your eyebrows done. But if you do you can just get them touched up at your second appointment like I did.

3D brows require two separate appointments because they shade during the first appointment and then microblade during the second (both appointments are covered by the initial price). You have to wait at least 3 weeks until your next appointment. I went back a month later for my second appointment. 

I’m so happy with the results!! I still have to tweeze and groom my brows but 99% of the time they look perfect! Because I have mine shaded, I feel like they look good when I have a full face of makeup and don’t look fake when I’m going bare faced. 

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