Saying Goodbye to Social Media

I’ve decided to quit Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Okay, when I say quit, what I really mean is ‘not use as often’. And here’s a few reason why. 

1. It’s a waste of time 

I’m not addicted to social media, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t consume a huge part of my everyday life. And 80% of the time I’m not using it to be social. If I ever have free time, I’m on my phone. Looking a pictures, snap stories, and reading Facebook posts that I don’t even find all that interesting. I’m constantly checking apps from the moment I wake up until I go to bed and I don’t know why. I don’t really get anything from it and yet I can’t help but to check. I don’t watch the news, read current events that aren’t pop culture, or read books anymore. I’m constantly on my phone looking at random posts, pictures, buzzfeed articles etc. So, I’m deleting my social media apps and going to try to find more useful ways to fill my free time. Reading, exercising, writing, or maybe even talking to the people around me. 

2. Unhealthy comparisons 

I’m guilty of scrolling through Facebook and even worse Instagram and looking at pictures of people during these seemingly perfect moments and feeling lousy because I wasn’t doing something extraordinary at that moment. Comparing myself to women on Instagram with perfect makeup, hair, and bodies which almost always results in me feeling inadequate. Or seeing friends getting engaged, building homes, traveling the world etc. and comparing each post to my life and feeling like I should be doing something differently. Even though I LOVE the life I’m living, I can’t help comparing my life to everyone else’s highlight reels. I think the use of social media along with my personal insecurities is a recipe for disaster. I find myself worrying about things that I’d never would if it weren’t for the constant stream of photos and updates I’m exposed to because I use social media so often. So, I hope using social media less will make me feel more content!

3. Validation 

The need for validation. My boyfriend actually brought this up to me the other day. He doesn’t have Instagram and said something along the lines of “people just post to show off” and he wasn’t wrong. I’ve used Instagram for meeting new people and finding new restaurants and places to go, but it’s sole purpose is for me to be able to share pictures with followers, most of whom are my friends or family. I love taking pictures and a large part of that is so I have them to look back on, but more often then not, I take a photos to post on Instagram. I don’t need the validation that what I’m doing, where I am, or how I look is worthy of a like, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. I feel SO superficial for admitting that a certain number of likes or followers does make me feel good. On the other hand, a post or picture with a few amount of likes doesn’t make me feel awful, so I guess that’s good. But the point is, I think I do post photos on Instagram for some sort of validation. I want people to see what I’m doing is fun, or how nice I looked, or the amazing meal I had. But I should be taking pictures for me. To be able to look back on my experiences, to remember something that was good for me. So, I’m giving up Instagram for awhile, maybe forever. (I might still upload photos on here, it doesn’t count! Or least that’s what I’m telling myself)  


The last reason I’m cutting down on social media is privacy. Kind of funny since I’m posting on a public blog. But really, I feel like with social media I’m sharing SO much of my life, every single day. Yes, most social media platforms let you change privacy settings so people aren’t creeping or harassing you, so that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about my desire to share what I’m doing, even the most random or boring things, with followers on a daily basis. You know, snapchatting my walk to work, buying a bus ticket, eating a sandwich, dinner with friends. People who follow me on social media essentially know who I’m dating, who I’m hanging out with, what I do on the weekends, where I am, what I’m buying, what I’m watching, etc. And a majority of this is my fault, I overshare. This isn’t a major issue but I just find that I post information that A)No one cares about or B)Not everyone needs to know about. I post on Snapchat or Instagram multiple times a week which is way too much. I don’t need to share so many moments of my life, so frequently, with people who aren’t genuinely interested. 

All of this being said, I still think social media apps are great! I love being able to share, stay connected, and meet new people but right now I feel like I’m using social media in a way that is doing me more harm than good. It’s kind of like when you go on vacation or make it to the weekend and pig out on bad food, I’ve had too much social media and now I need a cleanse. Hopefully after awhile I can use it again less frequently and in a healthier manner! 

For my friends and family who want to talk to me, you can still iMessage, Facebook message, and if you really want, download kakao app and message me ❤ 


  1. supernaturalsnark

    The difference between being on social media and using it sparingly is obvious once you’re off it after a week. Like I said to my friend recently, I’m pretty sure there’s Instagram in hell. Social media was never designed for us to connect or meet people etc, but as a tool for marketing, promotion, endorsements etc. Normal people were just the guinea pigs used to test it out. It’s much easier to stay off these things when you realise that.

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